Greenland Rocks

With a capsule collection comprised of five jewellery pieces, Bodil Binner has been inspired by the rough beauty of Greenland’s rubies. Set in 18 karat gold, the pieces feature the rubies prominently. Rough, rose-cut, cabochon or carved, the two pairs of earrings and the three pendants reference the Nature of Greenland – the white-tailed eagle’s talons, the tupilaq tradition and the icebergs. The insect is a native inhabitant, but it has still to be discovered. Finally, a guest-star from warmer climes is also seen: A pair of Tahiti cultured pearls – as pendants they grace the earrings that are otherwise inspired by icebergs.
All the pieces are one-of-a-kind, as the rubies set in them are unique – they have to be found, cut and/or carved, and are therefore set in pieces made to measure. The designs will be altered to fit the gems, and no two will ever be exactly alike.