In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt, the forest and animals. As the daughter of Zeus, her responsibilities are also the world of women – virginity, fertility and birth. Artemis is either portrayed at the forgiving goddess, or as the unmerciful, unforgiven and unyielding avenger. Hunters were only allowed to kill the animals of the forest as sacrifices to Artemis.

  • Big Bang cufflinks – incorporating the end of a spent cartridge as the motif. Let the hunter supply the spent cartridges after a perfect chase, and the result is a pair of silver cufflinks that will always remind him or her of a perfect day in harmony with nature
  • Tie-pin – half of a spent cartridge mounted on silver. To underscore the businessman’s attire for everyday affairs, a silver tie-pin set with a spent cartridge keeps your interests close at heart.
  • Trophy cups – celebrating a successful hunt with brandy cups made of silver, silver gilt and cabochon amethysts. Because celebrating a day of hunting in style is a prerequisite in better society.
  • Trophy ring – a heraldic play on the classic signet ring. Engraved or not, the category of a signet ring merged with the trophy plaque from the wall is the perfect reminder that it is possible to combine the best of several worlds. Made in silver and gold


A modern representation of faith, hope and love. Choose this as a perfect gift for the baptism or to show your belief in the three key virtues of faith, hope and love. Necklace of 925 oxidized sterling silver with onyx heart and with anchor and cross in 18 karat gold.