The Herrnhut star – a geometric wonder

Thanks to family relations in the UNESCO world heritage city of Christiansfeld in Denmark, goldsmith Bodil Binner has become an authorized point-of-sales for the original antique Herrnhut star, known from the church in the city. The stars range from 13 to 68 cm in diameter, and they are found in a variety of colours.

The Herrnhut star originated more than 160 years ago in the Renewed Moravian Church. In the beginning of the 19th century, the first star – put together out of paper and cardboard – was made by a mathematics instructor at the boarding school of the church, as a tool to improve the students’ geometric comprehension. Ever since, children in most parts of Europe have been crafting just such stars on the first Sunday of Advent.

The star is easily recognizable: Of the 25 points, 17 points have a square base and 8 points a triangular base.


Mini Star, 13 cm.


Paper Star, 40 - 60 cm

Plastic Star, 40 - 68 cm.


Light Chain

Power Adaptor for 13 cm stars


Candle holder